Summon items are items that can give you a legendary egg. It can only be used once.

This item can be obtained through a scour mission and premium/ultimate membership. To use this item, you need to be at least on Senior rank or have 200 pokemon in your pokedex. You have to have a empty slot in your party in order to perform this action.

To use a summon item, you have to go to your farm page > tools. There, a new link will be unlocked. Click on the summon items and a list of your summons will be shown. You can then use it.

Remember, if you already own one legendary, you have to buy a wooden token from the shop. If you hatched it before you bought wooden token, the legendary pokemon will run away to the shelter.

List of Summon Items

Icefeather Ice Feather Articuno
Thunderfeather Thunder Feather Zapdos
Firefeather Fire Feather
Originsash Origin Sash Mew
Clonedsash Cloned Sash Mewtwo
Icefang Ice Fang Suicune
Thunderfang Thunder Fang Raikou
Firefang Fire Fang Entei
Rainbowwing Rainbow Wing Ho-Oh
Silverwing Silver Wing Lugia
Forestdew Forest Dew Celebi
Slateofrock Slate of Rock Regirock
Slateofice Slate of Ice Regice
Slateofsteel Slate of Steel Registeel
Bluesoulorb Blue Soul Orb Latios
Redsoulorb Red Soul Orb Latias
Ruby Ruby Groudon
Sapphire Sapphire Kyogre
Emerald Emerald Rayquaza
Wishingstar Wishing Star Jirachi
Meteorite Meteorite Deoxys
Orbofknowledge Orb of Knowledge


Orbofemotion Orb of Emotion


Orbofwillpower Orb of Willpower


Slateofgigas Slate of Gigas Regigigas
Adamantorb Adamant Orb Dialga
Lustrousorb Lustrous Orb Palkia
Dreamcatcher Dream Catcher Cresselia
Moltenstone Molten Stone Heatran
Seacrown Sea Crown Manaphy
Nightmareshroud Nightmare Shroud Darkrai
Gracideaseed Gracidea Seed



Alternative Cloak