Shelter passes

A Shelter pass is a key item you will require in order to obtain pokemon from the Shelter.

You will obtain your first shelter pass after hatching your first egg, both of which are given by Professor Holly in the Lab. This starter shelter pass allows you to adopt a maximum of 6 pokemon from the Shelter a day before the server refreshes.

It should be noted that the Shelter Pass does not effect the number of eggs obtainable from Professor Holly in the Lab. For instance, you could obtain "x" eggs / pokemon from the shelter and still be able to obtain eggs from the Lab even if you have adopted the maximum limit of eggs or pokemon from the shelter.


These can be purchased in the Shop and are non-transferrable, and cannot be sold.

  • Shelter Pass C - (Starter) Obtained from Professor Holly in the Lab after hatching your first egg. Allows you to adopt 6 pokemon / eggs daily.
  • Shelter Pass B - Costs 5,000 credits. Allows 9 adoptions daily.
  • Shelter Pass A - Costs 10,000 credits. Allows 12 adoptions daily.
  • Shelter Pass S - Costs 50,000 credits. Allows 32 adoptions daily.
  • Shelter Pass X - Costs 500,000 credits. Allows 96 adoptions daily. (Note: Shelter Pass X can only be unlocked in the Shop once you have adopted 500 pokemon / eggs from the Shelter)

Note: Occasionally, there are multipliers on shelter passes during some days when a script has been filled. With this, the daily limit of your shelter pass will be boosted by a multiplier of x2.5 (Sometimes x3). This will allow you to adopt your usual adoption limit multiplied by 2.5 for the duration of that day. For example, if you had a shelter pass B, which allows 12 adoptions daily, you would be able to adopt 12 x 2.5 (30) pokemon. After the server resets, it will go back to normal and allow you to adopt whatever was normal for your level of shelter pass.