Similar to what the top-left side of your screen would look like if you had Pokérus Host.

There is a feature on PokéFarm called the Pokérus Host. The Pokérus Host changes every fifteen minutes, and a different user has it each time. Basically, by clicking the button that says Pokérus host (shown on screenshot at the right) you are taken to a specific user, singled out among all the hundreds of users online. The reason this feature is so greatly praised is because of the amount of interactions you receive, if you're lucky enough to get the Pokérus Host. Eggs hatch quickly and PokéMon level up faster -- and you'd be even MORE lucky if that specific day was a Click Multiplier day.

Pokérus Host is achievable by interacting with the Pokémon that other Pokérus Hosts have. Some users mass click the Pokémon that the chosen user has, and therefore has a better chance of receiving the Pokérus Host. But sometimes even mass clicking TEN Pokérus Hosts isn't enough, because so many people want it.

You'll know if you have the Pokérus Host because, if you visit your own page, there will be a small pink box saying 'PKRS'. This will also appear next to the Log out button.