Page bar

The Page Bar that every user has on PokéFarm.

Everybody has a Page Bar/NavBar. The pages can be rearranged in any order you like, by going to Farm > Edit Farm Page/NavBar. This is above your Trainer Card.

The first place you'll go to is the Lab, and then you'll have the honour of completing tasks on several other pages. You can access other pages on the Farm page, by clicking the links available.


  • Where you will meet Professor Holly, and receive your first Egg.
  • Where you will be given permission to own a PokéDex.
  • Where you can receive Eggs.


  • Where your tutorial checklist/own checklist is.
  • Where stats about your farm/account is, such as how many credits you have, what your account type is, the date your farm was established and recent happenings.
  • Where your Inventory is.
  • Where the Nearby Places and Tools sections are, with helpful links.


  • Holds your six Eggs/PokéMon.
  • Tells you how many interactions you need to return, and to who.
  • Tells you how many friends you have, and whether or not they are online.


  • Where 30 Eggs/PokéMon are randomly shown for you.
  • Where you can adopt Eggs/PokéMon.
  • Where all unclaimed Eggs from the Shelter are sent.
  • Where PokéMon who have ran away go to.


  • Contains four floors -- B1F (Black Market, P3 Lab), 1F (Item Shop - Buy/Sell), 2F (Accessory Shop - Buy/Sell/EX) and 3F (Gold Shop, Merchant).
  • B1F: Black Market - Sells items and uses Savage Crystals as payment.

P3 Lab - Sells Custom Sprites and uses Savage Crystals as payment.

  • 1F: Item Shop - Sells Key Items, and several different types of Evolution ojects.
  • 2F: Accessory Shop - Sells clothes and other accessories
  • 3F: Gold Shop - Sells Forme-Change Items and Event Eggs, and uses Gold Poké as payment.

Merchant - Sells rare items for very simple items. Uses different types of Health/Misc. Items as payment.


  • Levels up any of the PokéMon you leave there.
  • Accepts two PokéMon.
  • Lets PokéMon breed and lets you take Eggs from your PokéMon.


  • Keeps EggDex and PokéDex.
  • Keeps Evolution Info.


  • Holds several different statistics, such as New Users, Biggest Hoarders, Longest Time Online, etc.