Here's an example of my own Mini Log :)

Your Mini-Log is just like your Farmer's Log, but for smaller things. For example, if you're advertising without any pictures, you can include neat little links for things. The only type of BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) allowed in your Mini-Log is the [URL] code.

Lots of people write a short message to any moderators that may be lurking, explaining how they have siblings or other relatives that may share the same IP address, or if they will use many different IP addresses. Don't be afraid! The Moderators are very friendly and don't bite.

Also, if you're a bit of a show-off, you can tell everyone how many times you've had the Pokérus Host.

Or, if you want to be nice, you can say you happily accept friend requests -- or if you're not so much of a people-person, then just say you don't want any random friend requests. This is the same with PMs (Private Messages). People are often very fierce and say they hate random PMs and friend requests. Try and be polite to avoid people avoiding you!


  • Don't try and squash too much in -- you're limited to 1000 characters maximum.
  • Try and make it easy to read.
  • Don't be an epic failure and try to use BBCode in your Mini-Log. As said before, only the [URL] code can be used in your Mini-Log.
  • Be polite and friendly.
  • Write a message to moderators if you think it is necessary.
  • Invite users to visit other pages such us your threads in forums or a close friend's user page.