Forme-change items are fairly rare, so i thought i'd make a page of all the form change items you could find on PokeFarm! Perhaps people will stop PMing Wolfin/Kinchiona or Kolink about this.

1. Plates.

NOTE: Plates are only obtained from the gold shop or randomly in boxes (2% chance)

As many people know, these are suited for arceus

Name Type

Draco Plate Dragon
Dread Plate Dark
Insect Plate Bug
Fist Plate Fighting
Iron Plate Steel
Earth Plate Ground
Stone Plate Rock
Mind Plate Psychic
Sky Plate Flying
Flame Plate Fire
Splash Plate Water
Spooky Plate Ghost
Meadow Plate Grass
Toxic Plate Poison
Zap Plate Electric
??? Plate ???
Icicle Plate Ice

Missingno. Forme Changing Items.

These items are used to change Missingno.'s forme, it can change into it's Ghost, Kabutops fossil or Aerodactyl Formes. They are found from Boxes only.

Wing Fossil Aerodactyl Fossil Forme
Scythe Fossil Kabutops Fossil Forme
Spectral Orb

Ghost Forme

{C}Castform Forme Changing Items.

These can be obtained from boxes or via the gold shop, and they are pretty rare.

Rain Jewel Rain Forme
Sun Jewel Sun Forme (also used to change Cherrim to Sunny Forme)
Snow Jewel Snow Forme (Also used to turn Pikachu to Snowboarding Pikachu)
Weather Jewel (Merchant) Unknown

{C}Rotom Forme Change Items.

Can be ontained from Boxes or Gold Shop.

Mow Sparkplug Mow Forme
Fan Sparkplug Fan Forme
Heat Sparkplug Heat Forme
Wash Sparkplug Wash Forme
Frost Sparkplug Frost Forme

Deoxys Forme Change Items.

This can only be obtained by the Gold Shop or Boxes.

D-Chip Defence Forme
N-Chip Speed Forme
A-Chip Attack Forme

Other Forme Change Items.

They can be found in a variety of ways, i will list everything.

Item: Affects: Transforms into: Where it's found:

Gracidea Shaymin Sky Forme Boxes or Gold Shop
Griseous Orb Giratina Origin Forme Boxes or Gold Shop

The rest of the columns and rows will stay blank until I find new items.

Event Items.

I included this separately because it would be easier to find for those who are curious.

Item: Affects: Transforms into: Found:

Dark Crystal Kabooms, Ice Hounds Kaboom (Dark), Shadow Hounds Boxes, Gold Shop.
Etheral Blades Sableye^ Xemneye Boxes, Gold Shop.
Arrowgun Noctowl^ Xigtowl Boxes, Gold Shop.
Dragonball Saiyan Ratata Super Saiyan Ratata Boxes, Gold Shop.
Lance Skalmory^ Xalmory Boxes, Gold Shop.
Frozen Pride Weavile^ Vexile Boxes, Gold Shop.
Lexicon Kecleon^ Zexleon Boxes, Gold Shop.
Claymore Umbreon^ Umbraïx Boxes, Gold Shop.
Axe Blades Typhlosion^ Axelosion Boxes, Gold Shop.
Soul Eater Absol^ Respisol Boxes, Gold Shop.

Male only above.

Female only below.

List of Rhyperior Suits:

Power Suit RhyperiorV Rhyperior (Power Suit) Boxes, Gold Shop
Gravity Suit RhyperiorV Rhyperior (Gravity Suit) Boxes, Gold Shop
Phazon Suit RhyperiorV Rhyperior (Phazon Suit) Boxes, Gold Shop
Dark Suit RhyperiorV Rhyperior (Dark Suit) Boxes, Gold Shop
Light Suit RhyperiorV Rhyperior (Light Suit) Boxes, Gold Shop
PED Suit RhyperiorV Rhyperior (PED suit) Boxes, Gold Shop