The "Friends & Log" button on your page.

You can access your own user page by clicking on a link in your Party. It is placed just above your six Eggs/PokéMon and should be similar to this:

(Apologies to if there ever is a user called Example, and is linked to the Wiki... oops)

Once you have clicked on that, there should be seven buttons underneath your username [and status]. Click on the one that says Friends & Log. This will take you to your Farmer's Log -- which needs to be purchased from the Shop for 100 Credits under 'Key Items' -- which is beside the list of Friends you have. Simply click Edit Farmer's Log in the top-right corner, and you're good to go!


  • Don't make your Log too messy! Try and keep it organised.
  • Your Farmer's Log is a good place to keep records of things you need to remember, or you can provide advertisements there. You could also use Display Codes to show off your favourite PokéMon in your Farmer's Log.
  • Don't let it be boring. (Not that you'll be banned or warned or anything for being boring, but hey, who wants a boring Log? All you have to do is provide something! Even if it's just a paragraph, that's fine. Some users just like to put something like 'What?' and nothing else, which is very boring indeed.)

P.S. For a smaller version of your Farmer's Log, head on over to the Mini Log page.