Icing is what you cannot have without it.

An idea for the use of berries in a kitchen like setting on pokefarm was approved quite some time ago. This eventually will be added to the site but is not of a high priority level.

The berry kitchen will allow for the use of berries to make objects such as poffins, cakes, and other goods.

One way this could go is to make a recipe givin by an OC and when the recipe is completed, a reward of credits depeneding on accuracy may be obtainable.

Another way is to make the items which may be sellable to the shop for credits. Only it takes time, so unlike using berries to create a health item and to sell imediatly, the items would take time much like scours missions. The harder the recipe, the better the turn out.

(PokéFarm doesn't have cake (apart from the event one a while ago). The cake is a lie?

PF Anon (talk) 19:35, August 19, 2013 (UTC))