PokeFarm's new layout

"I am Professor Holly, and I love to research Pokémon. Instead of sending children out into the world where the dangers of crime organizations and Pokémon poachers are, I would prefer to keep everyone together so we can learn from each other.

I founded a large area called PokéFarm for young Trainers to raise their Pokémon. I have my Lab nearby, and my husband runs a little DayCare so you can breed Pokémon, if you choose to."

~ Professor Holly's speech on first entering the PokeFarm site.


PokeFarm is a free-to-play online game. The object of PokeFarm is to "hatch 'em all!" The only thing required to play is to sign up with the site.

Upon registration, you'll be able to choose an egg in a very similar manner as that of the Nintendo games when you pick your first Pokemon. Professor Holly will present a number of eggs for you to choose from, and so begins your adventure.

After you hatch your first egg, you are allowed to then adopt many others. This can be done by visiting the Shelter, where eggs or Pokemon gather when the previous Trainer releases them or if the Pokemon runs away, or the Lab. Thirty Pokemon or Pokemon eggs appear at one time in the Shelter; the Lab has four at a time and changes as other Trainers adopt them. Rare eggs may appear in the Lab!

As your farm grows and your rank goes up (Beginner-Rookie-Junior-Senior-Superior-Elite-Master-Ace-Champion-Arceus), you will unlock more features on the site. When you reach Rookie rank, you will be able to take part in the monthly Events for special Pokemon or items. There is also Scour missions available--where you send your Pokemon out to collect, sometimes rare, items--and the Pokewalker feature. This is an off-site feature that requires a download of the Pokewalker. Essentially, it works the same as the real Pokewalker; you can catch Pokemon and look for items, and interacting with other Trainers Pokemon increases your steps and watts.

You can also breed Pokemon and trade with other Trainers on PokeFarm. There is also an entire forum-based community within the website for helping other users, sharing fan fiction, and creating "post styles" and journals for other users.

On PokeFarm, it is possible to obtain all 649 Pokémon, along with many PokéFarm-exclusive Fakemon, or 'Events'.